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Package.json for Bootstrap WordPress theme

Here are the basics to get started with a fully customizable Wordpress theme based on the Bootstrap framework. It uses Yarn as package manager, Esbuild and SASS for JS and SCSS compilation respectively.

How to store credentials in Rails 7

Store credentials for your Rails app in credentials.yml. Read them out in configuration .yml and .rb files. Never share your master.key.

Easy way to configure Nginx and Passenger to run a Rails app in Ubuntu

This article details how to setup Nginx and Passenger to run a Rails app in production environment on a Ubuntu machine. It uses Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Nginx 1.18 and Phusion Passenger 6.0.12.

Enforce strong passwords in WordPress, optimize password strength estimator

A very easy way to enforce strong passwords in Wordpress, is to disable the 'confirm weak password' checkbox. On top of this, we optimize the loading of the password strength estimator, zxcvbn.

Yay, we’re on the new Bootstrap v5.0.2!

Bootstrap v5 has reached beta status. That means no more new features or breaking changes in the future releases of the V5 branch. We're testing it out on this website.

How to host font files locally and preload them

Custom fonts are a great way to improve your online visual appearance. In order to make sure that custom fonts don't slow down your website, make sure you (i) host the font files locally and (ii) preload them. This article describes the process of obtaining and serving font files from your own server, as well as preloading the right font file for faster website loading.

WordPress 403 Forbidden after using WordPress app

Wordpress 403 Forbidden errors typically happen with corrupt .htaccess or faulty file/folder permissions. A third common cause is often overlooked: the use of the Wordpress app through XML-RPC.

The right way to serve responsive images (srcset and sizes attribute) with WordPress and Bootstrap 5

The most confusing thing when you inspect responsive images is the fact that the browser takes into account the DPR (Device Pixel Ratio) in order to download the most appropriate image size. Find out here how to serve your visitors responsive images.

Discover how to override theme colors in Bootstrap 5 using Sass

Bootstrap 5 utilizes both theme-color("primary") and $primary color defintions. This article details how to override and extend the theme-colors using Sass.

Fontawesome performance 2 tips: better host locally and include only icons you actually use

Choose the right way to load and use Fontawesome icons. In this article we explain how to host the icons locally to minimize the number of external requests. Also, we optimize performance by only including used icons.

Discover 3 steps to keep node.js running on shared hosting

Here is how to keep your node.js application running on shared hosting. It uses the pm2 process manager and crontab jobs to check and restart.